Sustainability and the environment

The Reddrop Group are committed to being part of a green and sustainable future. We are continually trying to make positive changes within our stores to minimise the impact on the environment.


It’s in the bag!

We have what we believe to be the most environmentally friendly, reusable shopping bag on the market in our stores. These bags are made from Juco, a blend of jute (75%) and cotton (25%). In addition, our bags are lined with a vegetable lining NOT plastic! Not only are they better for the environment, they are durable and large in size so can hold more than most reusable bags.

We’re pushing for change!

As we upgrade and replace our trolleys, we have made the conscious decision to switch to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly product. The plastic component of our trolleys are made using recycled milk bottles, there are at least 66 bottles in every trolley, meaning 66 fewer in landfill.

We’re making the switch!

Where possible we have installed solar panels on store roofing, reducing the store’s environmental footprint by cutting carbon emissions from traditional electricity sources.